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My name is Claudio Catrini, I was born on January 8, 1979 in Heidelberg.

My parents, Carmelo Catrini and Charlotte Catrini made my way into the world very easy with their love and care.


I had a wonderful, warm and respectful upbringing. I was told every day that they love me and that I am the greatest. I was strengthened in every idea and supported in all of my projects. Even in crazy things, I was told every day that this was also possible. Simply go, everything is possible!


Today people say that I have “an ego like the Great Wall of China”. Where does that come from ?! Mum, Dad, I love you guys! Thank you for everything!

Today I live with my wonderful partner. To my wife and love of my life, my first lady. She also makes my life easy. We have created a harmonious and warm-hearted home. A place to come back home with pleasure. A place where you are welcomed with a smile and a loving hug – you are told every day that you are the greatest and the best – but I can give that back to the same extent. She is a true partner! Someone you can rely on one hundred percent. Someone who has grown spiritually and challenges me every day anew. Without her I wouldn’t be mentally where I am today. My wife is a lawyer, works for SAP AG and speaks five languages. She is the greatest fighter in the world that I know! My heart i love you And honestly, now you are seriously asking yourself why am I successful? Life under control: career, relationship, family, finances, everything chic. In everyday life we quickly forget – to be honest, very few people forget it, most don’t even know it – that we don’t do anything else than our job beyond the day. The baker bakes, the lawyer sues, everyone runs their program. The program is called Job. We completely forget that the HUMAN is our job. First and foremost, we are people 24 hours a day and only work an average of 8 hours. For 3 hours people ponder problems in their heads. 2 to 3 hours Hartz 4 TV and 8 hours of sleep. The rest is life! Wow. The solution is that simple. Get to know the HUMAN. So you finally get to know yourself and, above all, your counterpart. You can actively control your life positively through correct behavior. First you have to know who you are, then you have to know who you are. Suddenly it becomes more harmonious with each other. Then there is a positive spiral in development. By being in a good mood yourself, you master things in life from a completely different point of view. You no longer worry about the circumstances, but subconsciously work on solutions. Please believe me, there is no such thing as a person without problems. Everyone has to carry their parcel. It’s just a question of how to deal with it. And that, solely and alone, has nothing to do with the choice of career. Here it concerns the people. They. I work on that every day. On me, on people. You are constantly developing forward and therefore automatically have the knowledge that everything in your life is being managed. Anything you want. This will make you successful. Success in your life as a person, and that automatically includes your job. Success and the positive attitude must work from the inside out. Then it is anchored in your personality. Today I am § self-employed since 2000 § In 2003 I founded my first GmbH; Managing partner of CS Coaching Systems GmbH which still exists today! And I am human in all of these areas. “With respect, heart and mind.” ………………………… that was my text ABOUT ME until 2016. Then my beloved wife passed away in April 2016 and my world stopped. As a husband, I saw myself take my wife to a hospital and after a week leave the hospital without her. Alone in a house … in our house, without her. Everything was different … every single day began and ended with pain and grief. Such a cheerful, loyal and lovable person had to leave us at the age of 38. This year (2017) Yasmin would have turned 40. That I am here and now today, I owe not only to the many lovely and warm people around me during this time, no, also to my mindset. The mindset that Yasmin and I had developed. Never give up and be the change yourself. I am that change now! I have accepted this legacy and give 24 hours to implement it for myself. “To be happy”. Simple? No way. Especially in this difficult time. As I already wrote in the first part and also like to quote Captain Jack Sparrow: “The problem is not the problem, but your attitude towards the problem is the problem.” I will have to learn to accept all of this, to let go and to let it in again. Today I’m back on the right track and I’m moving forward with zest for action. I live the change. Inside and out. Yes, I have not only changed on the inside, but also on the outside. In 2013 I still weighed 131kg at 170cm. Now my weight is between 70 and 75kg. “Be the change!” It is my goal to be an honest mentor for you on your journey. To be able to give you impulses that bring you where you want to go for yourself. I live the impulses that I will give you and show you. Day after day I am in the process of implementing these guidelines myself. I will show you the successes through my mindset transparently and unfiltered. I lead you by showing off! I am happy if I can greet you at one of my events and we get to know each other personally.

Until then, have a happy time!

Your Claudio Catrini

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